Ph. D., University of California, Los Angeles

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Department of Sociology
National Taiwan University
1 Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan


International migration; economic sociology; ethnic relations

Research Interests

Political economy of migration, immigration policy, citizenship

Selected Publications


Zhou, Min,Yen-fen Tseng, and Rebecca Kim. Forthcoming. “Rethinking Residential Assimilation

through the Case of the Chinese Ethnoburb in San Gabriel Valley, California.” Amerasia


Tseng, Yen-fen and Hong-zen Wang. Forthcoming. “Governing Migrant Workers at a Distance:

Managing the Temporary Status of Guestworkers in Taiwan.” International Migration.

Tseng, Yen-fen. 2007. “Migrating to Taiwan: Appraisals and Critiques to Sociological Inquiry on

immigration” Taiwan: A Radical Journal of Social Research. (in Chinese)

Wu, Chia-ling and Yen-fen Tseng. 2006. “Beyond Technical Models: Governing SARS risk in

Taiwan, 2003.” Taiwanese Sociology 11: 57-109. (in Chinese)

Tseng, Yen-fen. 2004.“Expressing Nationalist Politics in Guestworker Program: Taiwan’s

Recruitment of Foreign Labor.” Taiwanese Journal of Sociology 33: 1-58. (in Chinese)

Book Chapters

Zhou, Min, Yen-fen Tseng and Rebecca Kim. Forthcoming. “Suburbanization and New Trends in

Community Development: The Case of Chinese Ethnoburbs in the San Gabriel Valley,

California.” In Min Zhou, ed., Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and

Community Transformation. Philadelphia: Temple University Press

Tseng, Yen-fen and Chia-ling Wu. Forthcoming. “Governing Germs from Outside and Within

Borders: Controlling SARS Risk in Taiwan, 2003.” In Ke Chi Angela Leung, ed., Health and

Hygiene in Modern East Asia. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Tseng, Yen-fen. Forthcoming. “Cross-Border Marriage Migration in East Asia: Propositions in

Making Comparisons.” Cross-Border Marriage Migration in East and Southeast Asia:

Socio-Demographic Patterns and Issues. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Tseng, Yen-fen. 2005. “Permanently Temporary: Taiwanese Business Nomads as Reluctant

Migrants.” Asian Migrations: Sojourning, Displacement, Homecoming and other Travels,

Singapore: National University of Singapore.

Tseng, Yen-fen. 2004. “Politics of Importing Foreigners: Taiwan’s Foreign Labor Policy,” pp.

101-120 in Han Entzinger, Marco Martiniello and Catherine Wihtol de Wenden eds.,

Migration Between States and Markets. Ashgate Publishers.


2001. Fulbright Scholarly Exchange Award

1997. Canadian Faculty Research Award

1993. Best Paper Finalist, Urban Affairs Association

1992. Ph.D. Dissertation Grant, Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA